Distinguishing, high-quality Fire Fighter awards include customized plates featuring customized recipient information.  Contact us for pricing and immediate availability.

Glass Panel Resin

Verneer Maltese Award 10"

USA Walnut 10", 12" & 14" 

9x12" Gloss w/3d mount

8x10" Gloss w/brass plate

9x12" Recessed Walnut

11" Solid resin hydrant

9" Resin Fireman gold trim

9" Fireman w/child

12" Fireman 

12" Fireman W/child 

11x16" Walnut w/bronze mount 

8x10 or 9x12 Walnut

15x17 Walnut frame/Maltese

18x12" clock/brass plate 

We carry a wide variety of
perpetual plaque sizes.

We provide engraving services to update your plaques.